Project Info

Project '49 started as most projects do, good intension's and a willing desire to "not go too far". This one started just that way, then things got out of hand. I bought a running 1949 Chevy and started to "tinker". Rebuild the inline 6 and clean it up, drive it and enjoy. Well then the windshield got busted (see below) and then the top was chopped. Well why stop there...9 years later I still have not finished it!

One major factor in the delay is this my Teardrop Trailer which I took a year to build.

It will be done, my goal is summer 2009!!!

Love at first sight.

How the '49 looked when we got it home

firefox-gray I was looking for a new project and set out to find a 1953 Chevy two door. This was before eBay and the ease of project searching. I looked high and low looked in the local paper's classifieds and found a running and registered 1949 Chevy. Ad said "must sell" so I figured why not go look at her. Well the wife went with me and when I get there I see it is a 4 door (bummer), well the wife says she likes it, a lot! Anyway I make the guy a really low $ offer and he accepts. So she is mine now!

Chop the top.

Taking a little off the top. (the first time I chopped it)

firefox-gray So the story goes like this ...I was driving one day and stopped for gas, checked the oil and started chatting with a fella about the '49. I close the hood (or so I thought) and on my way I went. I did not get far and then it happened, the hood flew open and crushed the windshield...Well I guess I will need to chop the top now...GRIN.

Frame build

Out with the old, in with the new

firefox-gray No way can I build a kustom and leave the factory 1949 technology underpinnings. So I bought a '86 S10 frame and took the front clip off and fit it to the '49s. Then the rear end was tossed and a 1970 Nova rear was fitted. I built a kustom triangulated suspension. The entire car rides on airbags.

4 to 2 door conversion.

OK now it is a Kustom!

firefox-gray I decided to convert the sled to a 2 door car. After chopping the top as a 4 door and doing all that extra work, I know this was foolish and yes it may have been easier and cheaper to buy a two door, but hay why not. So follow along as this process happens.